Asked me to watch his dogs?

So me and my boyfriend started dating in September, we almost broke up then everything changed (I got pregnant and had an abortion and we ended up back together) anyway he has just asked me to watch his dogs on Thursday since he will be out until late and his dad will be away as well (he m lives with his dad it’s ok he has a good job and is educated) long story short I never meet the dogs before so it was decided I will come and meet them on Wednesday and my boyfriend told me how about you just move in from wensday until Sunday. Is that a good sign? I’m guessing I’ll possibly be meeting the dad on Wednesday. His asked me to join him on vacation on Christmas. So I’m guessing he really likes me now? (He keeps saying I make him so happy and sends me all kind of sweet text during the day like i want to kiss you )


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  • maybe he never wanted the actual break up in the first place. plus if a dog likes you that is a good sign

    • I super hope they will!

  • I think he really, really likes you.

    • Likes me love me?

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    • He said that I make him so happy and that I’m his world for him. I’m gussing that’s good.

    • Of course that's great. 👍👍
      Congrats 👏

What Girls Said 1

  • Yeah sounds like he wants to take the next step with you.


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