Is it all looks? Does personality even matter?

Does a guy (or girl for that matter) have to be attractive to be in a relationship? Would you give someone a try even if they dont look good? Is it ok to date people not your usual type?


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  • I would say that it is not necessary to be attractive to be in a relationship because I've known a number of people that I think most people would consider physically unattractive that were in a relationship. I have no doubt that some people base their decision about whether they want to be in a relationship with someone mostly on looks, but I think the majority of people value personality and for many personality far outweighs physical appearance.

    For me, ideally I would like a woman with both a great personality and good looks, but if I had to choose only one I'd take personality. I think that's far more important for maintaining a good relationship.

  • I think unattractive people could look decent but that takes continuous effort, so there's a chance for everything


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