Would you fly to a guy you met online?

So on social media I've been talking to this guy and we are making plans to meet. I met him online 3 weeks ago and I know foresure he's not a catfish. He's 8 years older than me (gotta love older guys lol) and he works in the field I'm currently trying to break into. We talk daily and he assured me he wouldn't make me do anything that I didn't want to do. I really want to meet him and I feel like flying on the opposite side of the country would be an adventure. I know that there are a lot of risks when it comes to this. The last guy who wanted to fly me out was also 8 years older than me and he turned out to be really sketchy and I'm pretty sure he was trying to get me in a prostitution sting.


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  • Do you know about his family? Does he talk about brothers, sisters, parents in a natural way. Anyone who wasn't genuine and had purely predatory intent would avoid talking about other parts of his life that could be used to identify him.

    • No he hasn't spoke about his background much but he does ask about mines.

    • That doesn't mean anything bad in itself, maybe he doesn't talk about himself because he's interested in you and doesn't want to bore you. Try asking about his family and other parts of his life in a bit more detail and see if he's open or is cagey.

  • Damn sounds risky. Maybe keep someone on your side informed on what's happening. Also tell your friend to expect a message from you everyday or else call the cops. Just take any safety measures you can.


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  • I've travelled a bunch to meet online friends, so I've been there.
    It hard to say. With an 8 year age difference and not knowing how old you are is a bit sketchy. And also that you've only know I'm for 3 weeks. I'd definitely give it some more time before planing anything too big. And if you're planning on travelling alone I'd say be careful. It does kinda worry me that he "assured you he wouldn't make you do anything you didn't want to do", from my experience people saying that are sketchy af.
    When I travelled to meet the guy I was interested in this situation was a bit different. I knew him through some mutual online friends and had met them once already. So I had people "with me" when I first met him. We did on the positive side end up hitting it off pretty well and I continued to travel to hang out with him and the others 4 more times.
    But ye I'd say, give it some more time, maybe travel with someon at least the first time, but also dare to live life, just be safe.

    • thanks! MHO definitely.

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