Girls, Should I ask her out on 2nd date tomorrow or the day after?

she and I had great first dates on last Friday. It was just a casual date, but I could see she was definitely interested in me. Spent couple hours talking in her car, gave her a hug and a peck on her lips.

We decided to hang out (not a date) last weekends (a day after the date) but her family had plans with her so it had to be cancelled.

It’s Monday today, 3 days since our first date. She and I both want a 2nd date. I’m trying to take her out on this Friday but I’m not sure when would be a proper time to ask. I think I bothered her enough on the last weekend cuz there were some back and forth conversation on plans being cancelled. I would like to give her own space and time.


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  • How was the peck on the lips? I don’t believe it but a lot of girls think they know everything from the first kiss it’s important to them

    • Literally just a peck on her lips for a second or two.
      I did ask her if I can give her a kiss beforehand.

    • Should have been a deep kiss not necessarily tongue just deep. If/when you date again be gentlemanly but make sure she knows how beautiful you find her. That’s what the kiss says that you want her and she is desired. She may not want to be frisky but wants to know it’s on your mind I guess is the best way to put it. Maybe hold her hand too. If you want something deeper be deep.

    • I should have and really wanted to :/
      Thought it would come off as going too fast

  • day after... feel it out and do what you think would be most comfortable for you both


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