Do I try to figure out what's up or move on?

I've been seeing this guy for about 6 months now, but since I've been away at school and he's back home the actual title of things has been a bit hazy. We both have admitted to caring for one another and things have actually being going really well until recently. He's been acting a bit different and now he has blatantly ignored my texts and seemingly putting in less effort than I have been. We go through periods of speaking less but this just feels different. Do I confront him about this or do I just move on and let him do whatever it is he's doing? It just sucks because I had ended up developing some real feelings for this guy, but at the same time i'm not okay with being treated like I'm worth less than i am. Taking as we aren't officially dating part of me feels like i have no place to confront him but then again it has been six months and seems very inconsiderate to just disappear without giving me some sort of explanation, right? So I guess my question is, do I confront him about this and see if he is still interested in us and if so what do I say?


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