How do I get a girlfriend?

I've been lonely asf for 15 year and can't some to find a girl willing to date me


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  • I’m 15 too and to tell you the truth, I do think about ever getting or finding the right significant other or even, will I ever get someone to date me? In the long run, there’s someone out there for you. 15 is still young, and you have years ahead of you.

    • I dont have years head of me as I'm joining to military and i just want to know what is like to have someone love me

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    • I start army training next year so I dont have long

    • But thanks anyways maybe I will find someone maybe I won't ill just do what I've done for that last 15 year and deal with it

  • Honey you're young and have a lot of time to find someone! I know it's hard to want someone but maybe start out as friends and get to know each other before taking the step into a relationship

  • Right now, there is probably someone who likes you, but to shy to say anything. That's what happaened between a friend and me.


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