Why do you flake on a girl? When you flake, are you’re reasons true most of the time?

I’ve been talking to a guy I have a mutual friend with. We starting talking though instagram, then we exchanged snapchats and starting snapping (sending pictures, videos, and messages to each other), then he asked for my number so we could hangout. At this point, he’s been asking to hangout for a long time and we finally made plans to hangout after months of talking. He bailed. He said that something came up with his friends and he had to be there to help them. I said good luck to him and he said he was so so sorry and that he’d make it up to me. So then we made actual plans to go do something. He asked if he could call me before our date. He called me asking to go to a movie and so we did. It went well. But we had plans the day after that to go to get dinner and go to Christmas in the park. Him and I were both a little sick the day before when we were hanging out and he said he couldn’t hangout because he had to go run an errand for his grandma and get his phone fixed at Apple and that his cough got worse. I can understand if he’s actually sick... but do you think he was lying about it just because he didn’t want to hangout? What does he really mean when he flakes? Do guys who flake twice deserve another chnace? Or should I just move on?


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  • The guy is being unclear. I'll suggest to move on... But what if he wants you more? The plot thickens... 🤔 does he understand the situation? Or he thinks he's in friendzone? Did you have feelings for him? Does he know that?

    • We held hands at the movie but I didn’t kiss after the date because it didn’t feel right. I don't know maybe he’s just unreliable af. He said he wasn’t feeling good two days ago and now he’s going surfing. That’s not going to be good for his “ cough “

    • Why didn't it feel right?

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