Hi all I have I’m not sure what to do next?

Me an this girls have been friends forever but lost contact over the years. we both have split from our partners, both have kids the same age. When she found out I was single she reached out to me. Then started talking everyday nonstop I’ve stayed over here at least 5 times in spare room.. On the 6th time I made a move we kissed then she said she couldn’t do this with anyone right now still dealing with the ex.. She said there is definitely something there with us but not right now... I’m head over heels atm. So am I mr right but not right now?


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  • She might like you but she seems confused on what she wants. Be careful man she might try to use you as her back up plan if things don't work out with her and her ex.

    • Yeah I get that feeling tbh.. I don’t want to anyone’s back up plan. I’ve been threw enough with my ex.
      Thanks for your advice

    • Your very welcome. Yeah being a back up plan sucks. I hope she figures out what she wants. You been nice to her. She shouldn't take you for granted.

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