Dating ex's best friends?

My ex broke up with me 7 months ago but when college started back he wanted to get back together because the girl he left me for the relationship didn't work out. So about 3 months ago he's friend texted me to see how I was and we have been texting ever since. We went out to the movies once on a date but since then he been acting strange. Do y'all think it's because he doesn't wanna cause trouble with my ex or because he just don't like me like that?


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  • Unless the date itself was uncomfortable, I'd say it's much more likely he doesn't wanna cause waves with his friend. Obviously he liked you enough to ask you out. Honestly opinion though, you'd be better off not dating good friends of your ex. It usually isn't worth the trouble and it can make a relationship rocky.

    • The date went really well and he even said so him self but we haven't told my ex yet for that fact we didn't wanna start anything before we knew it was gonna go anywhere?

    • Well though I see why youd guys would say that this circumstance doesn't work for that. You both already took the step to talk this whole time and go out on a date. So you didn't avoid drama, even if you dont go out again, your ex may be mad/hurt.

      One thing I would say is talk to him about it. You both need to be on the same page. If he's uncomfortable, thats perfectly justified but you both are taking this risk and are risking drama. That being said, normally id never be down with dating a friends ex and if I EVER found out one of my friends was dating, sleeping with, talking to, or anything with my ex I wouldn't forgive it as he broke my heart and continued to drag me along BUT in your situation, your ex is an asshole so that changes things.

  • I think it’s because of his friendship. Personally I wouldn’t hang out with my friend’s ex, let alone go on a date, thus he must really like you, but this won’t end well for their friendship


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