Does this guy like me? And any tips on flirting? And is this 2-3 year age difference bad?

So there's me and two other people involved in this story. We all work together. Let's call one of them Dave. And the other John. So I'm 20. And John asked me to the movies, we went and up to this point he had been claiming that he was 21. When we got to the movies, he admitted to me that he was almost 17. I left right after. (BTW, he really did look older than me. He worked out a lot and was about 6'1). So, after that happened, john told everyone at work. Dave was recently hired about a month ago. When he found out what happened, he kept telling me "well, I'm 18" as if to make fun of John. He's actually 17. But now he's always saying "I'm 18" in a joking way. He always stands close to me, when we don't have to be close. And the other guys at our job (we work as cooks btw), we all roast each other. They usually target me because I'm the only girl in kitchen. My name is Vanessa, and they'll call me Vannie (there's a girl that works there named Annie and she's awful. Lol. But she has a crush on me So they combine my name with hers). But Dave told me "no. I'll call you Nessa". he's applying to go to the same university as me and asked me if I'll talk to him if we see each other at school. Then today, I picked up my check, I looked nice (as opposed to how I look at work). Another guy from kitchen kept winking at me as a joke. But Dave just asked me if I had come from class, I said yes. And he continued to ask how my class was doing. Which was just overall random since no one talks about school there. Another one of our coworkers, who is close friends with "Dave", is throwing him a surprise birthday party this weekend and invited me. I feel like, I may have a crush on "Dave" but how can I find out if he likes me back?


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  • First of all, you are talking about dating minors, is that legal where you live?

    Second, of course he likes you, that why the jokes and the talk about school, when there was no reason to, but liking you doesn't mean he wants to date you, if could just mean he wants to get in your pants, as younger boys fantasize a lot about older women.

    • It's legal where I live. I'm 19, he'll be 18 this upcoming Friday. Our other coworkers say some pretty pervy jokes but he never laughs or engages in it.

    • I'm 20*. Sorry.

    • Then it's your choice, there's no reason to not try, just take it slow thou, to avoid getting hurt, and to get to know him first before committing to anything bigger.

  • I love a guy who's age difference is by 9. Trust me, 2-3 years isn't bad. It's actually close to average for couples out of high school. As of flirting advice, I'm a social wreck, so I can't help you there.

    Smoothly ask him if he likes you. Like, start a smooth conversation with him, get a topic going, then pop the question.
    Like I said, I'm a social wreck, but that's what I'd do.

  • no. age can't matter matter about understanding love


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