Is Tinder Date Still Interested in Me?

I had been talking to a guy for a few weeks whom I met on Tinder. We finally decided to meet and we had our first date over the weekend. We went to a brewery, stayed there for a few hours (had only a single drink) and talked. When we were there, I had noticed he had a wandering eye sort of. After 2 hours, we went to another brewery with a food truck. Our conversation was better and more chill. We wanted to have dinner so we had some good food from a food truck and had another drink in that brewery and that is all we drank. The total date lasted 4 hours.

The next day, he texted me saying he had a good time and stuff and we continued to text Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. He definitely seemed interested in talking as we have A LOT in common. However... It still just really grabbed my attention when he had the wandering eye at the first brewery. Other than this, is this not something to really worry about at first, or just continue talking to him, be open to dating others and just see what happens?
at the 2nd brewery, he had the most dilated pupils, thats what I had noticed.

Also, we did NOT kiss goodnight.


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  • From my experience, I can tell you that no one would spend so much time with you if he's not interested.
    When you say wandering eye, do you mean he was looking at some parts of your body, or just looking around?

    In any case, he looks definitly interested in you.

    • he was looking at other people. i asked what he was looking at and he said nothing.

    • Well he was just looking around, nothing really exceptional. If he's shy, maybe he wanted to avoid eye contact to be sure he wouldn't show he was nervous.

  • He could have been nervous, I know most people tend to avoid eye contact when they're nervous. Odds are that's what it was or that he just isn't great with eye contact in general. I sometimes have that problem where I find myself looking around the room while still being attentive to the conversation.


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