How to prove a guy its not for sex?

I know a guy recently. That i like and like each other. And he just assume i want sex too much. Which is not true bcs iv been 7 months without sex. And he did something that annoyed me so much. Showing me ill not say no to him
I explained i didn't want that. And to only feel him. So any guys tell me how to prove it?
Wt make a guy see am not?
I soooo want him
So far we dont talk from yesterday
But how can i prove it that i feel him but not sexually


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  • Stop having sex with him for a while. That will prove it's not just about sex.

    • Yea u right.. we only made out for 2 or 3 days.. but we connected after.. mayb i should do that
      I feel he has feelings for me... and i dont wanna lose him
      After last night.. i left upset.. he saw it..
      He should contact me to appologise.. :(

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    • Oh goshhhhhhh why is he so cold? After he text
      I sent him. Hi am ok...
      He send the thumb up... and when i called him he excused by saying he will sleep to wake up early
      And that he wanted to check up on me
      I just said ok though prefered call. Good night
      Today he sent good morning...
      I dont know before that... he used to not send
      But when i show ill b distant he start...
      And wt should i do now? I like him so much but i dont show needy... i try

    • I dont want to lose the feeling with him...
      But am between to tell him he need to b away and figure out.. and i dont want someone who doesn't know wt he wants?
      And between to b the same attitude i mean not much not less

  • Tell him. Or just don't have sex with him while you're still the say outside of the bedroom.

    • I already told him that been 7 months not doing anything... and with him i connect
      And i had feeling... bcs how we met was in a sudden
      Unexpected... from our mutual friend
      But i was upset bcs he slept with a girl just after
      And i told him that he did that not me
      He explained he dont see me night stand..
      So i didn't hv sex :(

    • You will prove it with time. He will see that even if you have sex together, you're not leaving him and he can trust you.
      Trust can't be asked or granted just like that. It has to be earned.

    • Yea when we talk again. And things will b fine
      Ill show that.. i even told him that i like and feel him
      Not for that.. andyes by time he will understand
      Bcs his culture is smhow the same as me
      But the difference we live in Europe
      And when i knew he slept with a girl
      I told him that he did that not me.. and that he act not like how he say he thinks.. at least i didn't jump...
      so yeas will se

  • Tell them that you don't want sex. That simple. If he calls you a liar, then he's not right for you.


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