First he gives me signals that he likes me and then he avoids me?

I work with this guy and we have been to the movies twice he invited me for the 3rd time but hasn't said when... he flirts with me at work but then he sometimes ignores me. He did hold my hand during the movie and then he put his hand on my thigh. I don't understand what he wants. He wants to buy me a Christmas gift. But ignores my messages on fb. I've tried making a conversation but it seems like he's not interested. He is over his 30s why is he acting like that? Shouldn't he be straight up and just tell me if he likes me or not? If he doesn't whynis he doing all this? I don't understand. What do you guys think?


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  • A man in his 40's still have the mind of a young teen. Smh. Dude is still immature.


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  • either he's playing games with you. or he has more then one girl


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