What In the world is he actually thinking?

Ok I’ve been with my boyfriend for a while now and i feel like lately things have been a little off. We’ve “broken up” twice but it wasn’t really a break up , he broke up w my the 1st time bc he said he was “ruining” my life but after a day we started talking again and then 2 month later he broke up w me again saying i annoy him and blah blah but he was high af at the moment and literally not even a whole day passed n he called me and apologized. His bday is a couple of days away and i already gave him his gift early (true religion jeans with a couple of shirts and an air Jordan jacket) and he was ecstatic but he acted a little weird afterward saying he’s not use of having someone buying him stuff and spending money on him and if i cook for him he gets shy n says it’s weird blah blah. We’ve been through a lot of together and we spend nights together take showers together go out every now and then and whenever we aren’t together we ft all night. I just feel like we’ve been arguing over little stuff that really are just petty , like how girls comment under his ig pics or how the other day he chose being w his friends and “making plays” than going out to lunch w me. And yes i get he needs to be w friends thats ok but it’s the fact that i don’t see him that much during the week so when i ask him one day to be w me he kind of ignores. I think he’s just scared of commitment or getting too serious and he says he’s still a little scared i might cheat on him. I’ve met his parents but only as “friends” and his mom invited me to a dinner and he didn’t tell me until after and said next time. I just think he’s scared to get really serious even tho we talk about our future and moving in together. He just contradicts everything he says. He says he wants to live w me and then another day says if he was to live w a girl it would only be w a girl he knows is the one. Idrk what’s been going on lately and I don't know if it’s that he’s losing interest or what but I’ll take any advice.


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  • You're making him feel too comfortable. He feels like you will never dump him. Even if you won't try to distance yourself a little bit. Give him space an he will naturally come running.


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