To text or not to text?

I acted a little crazy -desperate needy kinda crazy- with this guy and He ended up not responding to me at all.
id just moved to a new country and don't know what I was thinking. Think I focused on him instead of my new life.
Anyway I regret it because he was great company.
Now I just want to be friends (pref with benefits) while I do my thing (start my new life) and I want to text him.
What's the best way to get a positive response?
Just say sorry for being crazy and if he's willing to forgive and forget?
Or explain everything? (I don't think anyone wants to hear it)
or try acting like nothing happened?
Tell him exactly what I want? (A drink and sex)
its been almost 2 months


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  • Well it depends on the guy but I would recommend you to do your thing meet different people and then look for him being honest with what you want and not being aggressive towards his decisions


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  • Desperate yuck


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  • Apologize for your attitude and explain what you think.

  • Never regret for what you felt, follow your heart


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