Am I trying to hard to get her to go out with me?

Okay, so i made this document, where i put in different steps:
1. Pick your movie ( i put a picture of 8 movies )
2. Pick the time, ( i put al the time tables for all the movies in this doc.
3. I checked the trains from her destination to a common location, screen printed it and put it in the doc
4. Then i left the choice to go to the theatre by public transport, wich i got the time tables from too or by bike. And i put in a google maps view from the distance with the bike
5. Then i gave her a choice to go home or bowling after the movie
6. Again the transport part
7. Then i had couple of titles
8. Guaranteed:
A good time, good behaviour, lame jokes, a good movie, good planned day.
9. Why do it? :
Because we are both awesome, no one will go though this much trouble to go out with you, etc
10. Now it's up to you (her); pick an option
11. So i gave her 3 options:
Yes, no and raincheck
12 under no i said, i'd rather she pick this if she really doesn't feel it. And i said, don't take the raincheck just not to hurt me, i rather you do it now, instead of stringin me along

ps: she took the raincheck, but was this awkward, cute or just creepy. And would you think i just want to be friends or more?

Extra info
So I like this girl who is in some of the shared classes in college. We've been texting a lot and have a lot in common. This time i feel like this could turn into something real.

We went out once, she invited me to a party. But the friend that invited her was there too.

To get her alone for once i wanted to ask her out, but in a different way


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  • Well, it looks like she's scared she doesn't know you enough to go out with you, but she also doesn't wanna lose the chance. It looks good but
    How well do you know this girl?
    How long have you guys been talking?

    • We've been talking for 4-5 weeks now. I went the that party with her after 3 weeks.

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    • This is actualy really helpfull, thanks for the advice.

    • No problem man, go get her

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