Does she like me or i'm I reading into things?

So there have been a couple of signs that I might be missunderstanding

Let's start:
(I'm 20 and a student in college)
We text daily and i enjoy it a lot. When we meet at the lockers, we always talk, the Tuesday, she has 15 minutes breaks, so i stay there till she comes. Then we talk, last time we lost track of time and they came to get her, she was like 10 minutes late.

After 2 weeks, she asked if i was going to this party, she was going too. I said, I don't know, my friends aren't going, and i don't know anyone who's going, i don't want to fly solo. She said, "I'm going 😛" I said i would think about it, so i aksed all the friends i know, to wingman me. No one would do it.
The day before the party, i told her that i wouldn't make it. Then she talked to me like she never had, question after question. Then she asked why i couldn't make it. So i told her my girlfriend couldn't make it ( i just wanted to see her response) she said : "do you have a girlfriend? ?" ( With 2 question marks, does this mean something?) So i explained that i meant my best friend, female and gay etc ( wich is actually true)
I found to 2 friends to back me up. She was happy with that. But the day of the party, they let me down. So i said, i'd be going solo, she said: "I'll acompany you with pleasure"
It was actually pretty fun, appart from her friend that invited her, that made it kind of hard to focus on her...

So what do you guys think, does she like me, maybe, or not at all? Any response is welcome


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  • Are you serious? Dude, ask her out, it's pretty obvious she likes you.

    • Thanks for the response, appreciate it a lot.

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    • Well keep talking to her and show interest, but if she wants to wait for the end of the exams, let her.
      Then, after the exams, wait a bit and ask her out again. If she find another excuse, you know it's not good.

    • Okay, i really appreciate your answers, thanks!

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  • Wingmen are only useful when you don't even know who you wanna get with. When you already know the girl you wanna get witg, a "wingman" is just a poor bastard acting like a third wheel.


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