Wondering if I should be looking for a way out?

There is this girl that I really like and have told her how I really felt. When I told her she couldn’t really say anything at that moment, especially since it was over the phone. Yet there are times when I get a nervous unsettling feeling. One real thing comes to mind is when she persistently asked me for my friends name because of something happening with him and his ex. Out of nowhere this same feeling hit me and I don’t know why. I was talking to my friend and I know he met this girl, and some of the info matches with the girl I’m trying to get. We are all in the same town for school, and when I say information, it’s general information like that she is a first year doctor student, and he met her at an event, but what doesn’t match up is the race the girl he’s talking to is white, and the the one I’m talking to is black. He had mentioned before that this girl was white, but me thinkin that’s to throw me off tried to find out her name. She never even said anything to me yesterday (probably studying for test I know this could be said). Yet she has texted me before while studying for the same group of test. So about the feeling yesterday I realized he met with the girl and that’s the same time I had that nervous/unsettling feeling. I feel like there is no way out for me with this chick because I really do like her and she has stated she likes me and other than what I’ve said here and one other thing which at the time seemed harmless which was her hiding some protection (mind you we weren’t having. Sex and still not yet). For the first time in my life I was asking God for a way out of this wasn’t supposed to happen, yet I don’t have anything concrete to say to her at the end. I just feel I’m way to far after telling her how I felt and still not knowing how she felt at the time despite her saying at one point that she really likes me.


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  • Yeah get out of there the paragraphs too long too read


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