Just a hook up or More than that?

FIRST DATE he came from work in a SUIT but with a chopper bike (hottie alert).
He wanted to "check in" i wasn't opposed to it per-se. Just not on the first date.
He agreed & apologise if he made me uncomfortable and so we went to a cafe. we laugh, share things about our jobs etc.
He said he didn't like he's job and he doesn't know what to do. i said "resign, take up a course u love. Its okay to not know what u want right now. Just take a first step."

The attraction was even more turned up.
He send me home and we kissed and hugged goodbye.

After that we kept texting and he resigned the day after!
i was surprised he listen if anything and chose to update me.

Second date was afew days later. i decided to sleep with him.

After sleeping with him in bed. he updated me again about his job and that he has to talk to another higher up ro give his resignation letter to. and he wants to keep in contact with me still. and he kept mentioning a few times that he likes talking to me and that he finds me refreshing.

All the way back home on his bike. we laughed and giggled at every stop we get.
he sent me home with a hug and a kiss.

The next day i told him that maybe continue to just sleep with him is not in my cards. and that im more interested in a relationship and since he doesn't know what he wants maybe we should break this off before things get serious (since he said he doesn't know what he wants)

He said fair enough. and again he said he's fine with not sleeping with me again if that makes me uncomfortable. but he wants to keep talking to me and getting to know me.
tomorrow is the day he will officially resigned. i said to him to make me a promise to tell me how it went. if it went well, lets go out and have dinner to celebrate. and it was on me. he agree happily and made a pinky swear. (lol)

So im sort of confuse if he likes me or not? and is he interested in getting to know me genuinely?
Okay so i decided to ask him directly.

Me: so... are we friends? Fwb? Or?
Him: No. we’re not friends
Its always something new with you.
(Always discovering something new with me was what he explained to me)

Me: its obvious that i like you & im attracted to you. I just dont want it to be a one sides thing
Him: okay. Its not one sided i like you to.

Me: so whats happening after this? Are we dating?
Him: i just resign my job like today. I won't have much money to bring you out on dates.
I decide to update since all of the comments are 50/50. 😂

Anw i said so “job = we’re dating? He said yes”

So now what? he's serious bout this?
He even said if i dont believe him and that i think he wants to just sleep with me.

He said we can just dont meet until he gets job.
And just keep texting it that will ease my mind.

Guys help 😕


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  • I think that if a person is genuinely interested in someone, they won't discuss on the first date possibility of having sex. No matter whether it must occur on first date or on 30th date. But who knows, anything can happen.

    • I wholehearted agree with this. The 2nd date ro sleep with him was entirely my idea. He didn't preassure me or what not. Maybe i should just treat him as a drive by? Im just surprise we clicked so well.

    • Usually there are stakes. So what is at stake in this case? What are you risking to lose? All depends on pros and cons. I can not answer that, it's your call, Miss.

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  • A date doesn't only mean spending a lot of money, just hanging out with each other wherever it is having good time is good enough

    • I agree with this. He just ask me β€œif im okay with a hobo bf” πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€οΈ And that he doesn't want to be.

  • He clearly wants to be with you, and it's a perfect match because even you don't know what you want lol, coz to be honest, if a guy would go to such extent even after you've refused to have sex with him, then he legit wants something more. It can also be considered that, he would probably wanna still be with you because you came across as easy going compared to the rest and hence doesn't mind, no matter what. And sex part is upto you, if you think it's worth it enough, give it a shot.

    • I tot this too. Now he doesn't consider us dating cos he basiclaly resign at his job and won't have income for abit. Thats his reason for saying we’re not dating until he finds a job?

  • he just wants to put his penis in. sorry to tell u.

  • Sounds like he's just an honest dude

  • He is not ready for commitment


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