She said she is down for a 2nd date but cancelled on me when we were gonna hang out?

We were supposed to hang out last weekend, but she ended up cancelling the plan. I made one on Saturday, and Sunday when Saturday plan got cancelled. She kept pushing the time because she was doing something her family, so I told her we shold hang out on other day when it was getting late. But she kept insisting she wants to hang out on the day. Well eventually thay didn’t happen.

When I talked to her about it, she said she was still interested in a 2nd date. Told me she thought it would be just hanging out so didn't really think seriously.

is she not just interested in me?
we had a really good first date tho.


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  • Maybe it is her Genuine issue. I would totally give her a Chance if I were the guy. So no judging at this Point 😂

    • She did say she’s usually busy on weekends with her family.

    • Well , Then Give her space and time , dont doubt just cuz she cancelled it. Patience pays well in the end.

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  • If someone isn't accepting your invitation with 100% certainty then take the offer away.
    This includes any "maybe, I'll see, I'll think about it, I don't know if I can make it".

    • If you accept any possibility of them not coming you are just saying that your time isn't valuable, and if you are saying that your time isn't valuable you are saying they are better than you.

      In other words, you are over.

  • It happens really often to me too but at the end we usually fuck :)

  • Ask her what day she is free, if she cancels on the day she picks then I would move on.


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