How to behave on the first meeting?

I am dating this guy online ..its a long distance relationship. He likes me ..i have sent him my pics all kinds even the sexy ones.

he loves them. he is coming to meet me soon, can you please tell me how to react on the first meeting. so that I don't feel uncomfortable and make him feel the same. I am fun loving and interesting online though we do see each other on cam.

but I just hope things remain the same when we meet face to face.

guys any ideas and what to wear. how do I accentuate my body. he really likes my average thick figure. girls please do help me too. I just don't want anything wrong to take place. he should feel the same for me as he seems me online.


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  • the way you behaved online is how you should behave in person...nobody likes a for appearance, be yourself, otherwise from thereon after ward you will have to be an actress rather than yourself


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