Should I ignore her, she was really mean to me?

So long story short. Me and this girl have been together for about 4 months. Been great up until the last like two. We jumped into a relationship pretty fast. Both absolutely love each other. The other day We were out together and she was shopping for another guy for Christmas and I let her know that it bugs me and even if it doesn’t mean anything it worries me. She says it’s for her best friend too if I have a problem with him being in her life I can leave because she loves him but she’s also told me she loves me and she says the love is different I kind of got mad and frustrated I wasn’t mean to her but we’ve already kind of been on edge and we didn’t need another fight. So she called me dumb and other things and felt like I was trying to control her. She said I don’t make her feel happy and that she was offended by me being jealous. Which I think I had every right to be. I basically told her if she’s done I’m done and I don’t deserve to be treated like that just for asking questions. We both basically said we are done and goodbye. Right after a pretty fun day together. So I back off, I already tried apologizing but she just said thanks for the effort but I’m done. Should I just go Cold and not reach out anymore and if she wants me around she will come back or


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  • Women are difficult. And they love their best friends, man or women they are a person they share everything with. Don't be pushy with her, but dont go cold, Women need some space and time to thing with logic rather than emotion.

    Be there when she needs you, but don't go begging.


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