Do girls find this weird or unattractive?

So I'm 18, and I've never been in a good relationship and never lost my virginity yet. I have a huge crush on this girl who is next to perfect in my eyes. Any way, I'm a respectful, "innocent" individual due to how I grew up im sure and the programs I've been in.

Do women not find being respectful, kind, generous, genuine and clean attractive? Or u guess simpler terms, the gentleman?

I really want to be in a relationship with this girl but I feel like she doesn't think it's attractive.

Thanks for your help ladies!


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  • Yeah, those are great qualities to have, but they’re not the only things you need to be in a successful relationship. You need to know how to relate to other people too. It’s not enough to like someone silently and hope that they’ll ask you out. Try and talk to them about something you both like. Get to know them a little.

    • I know them well, we've been friends for a while, and I've asked her before. I'm sure she is still hung up on a guy who doesn't want to be with her. we go out for coffee and food and fun stuff all the time once or twice a week.

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    • Yeah, that’s how you know it’s necessary.

    • That's a good point. *sighs* Fuck 😂

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