Guys, is he just using me for SEX?

I met these guy long time ago but we have been friends since years and he is my brother-in-laws younger brother but we can't be together because of Our typical indian culture family won't accept, basically like romeo and juliet story

but anyway we just recently made out. he kept telling me that he used to like me but never told me becue of family situatuion. but recently we were in a room together then we kissed and had sex. and every time i go to meet him. he just wants to cuddle and have sex. and when i ask him if he will marry me but he says that our family won't accept and he just wants to be with me till his heart gets full of me.
he just keep having sex two three times a day. this is weird because we just started relationship and i am not used to these environment

what does this mean?


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  • The way it sounds, you dilemma isn't weather or not he's using you so much as you being unsure if you being with his is even a good idea. While you may not be in any way blood related you are still his sister-in-law.

    In the position you're in right now you really have only two options. 1. You can take the safe route and end it now and get the heartbreak over with. there's less risk of the rest of the family finding causing problems. 2. Take the high risk low reward path and continue with your taboo relationship and risk disownment from your family if they find out. Even then there is a very low risk he will even want to be with you long term anyway.


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  • Sounds like it lol If a guy wants to regularly have sex with you, but is unwilling to commit, regardless of the circumstances, it sounds like he just wants to fuck.

    Although I'm not sure about Indian culture, so I don't what the consequences would be for being with someone you're not supposed to be with so maybe not? Maybe he's just following the rules and afraid of the consequences?

  • Sex brings people together and sparks emotions. If he wants to cuddle it's probably both.

  • Yeah he just wants sex.


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