What's it so good about having a partner?

What's is it about relationships that those who are in don't want to come out and those who are out want to come in?
What's so good about having a relationship partner?


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  • Really nothing. Girls can fall out of love and guys can cheat. So can waste 5 plus years on a partnert alone unless you mert a traditional person like me.
    Now days people enter a relationship to fullfill a desire, selfish ambitions, staus, or even worse cause they need another to complete them (take care of there loneliness, protects them when there scared, ego boost)


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  • the nice thing about having a partner is really that you have somebody you can trust and who's always there for you. as a guy i sadly never had this type of experience, even though i'd really like to.

  • I've never been in a healthy relationship so I wouldn't know


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