Girls, She has a boyfriend... is she interested?

Girl in my class seems interested. One day she casually brought up her boyfriend. That one bothered me a little.. but I let it slide. We occasionally text and she is super enthusiastic and carries the conversation most of the time.

Many times, though, she will abruptly end it by not responding. Maybe it was a bad joke? Not sure.

I can definitely sense some attraction and I understand she has a boyfriend. For now I will just be patient and friendly.

Are the no no texts back sometimes a playing hard to get tactic? Trying to keep me interested? Ugh... annoying lol.

Im better looking than boyfriend by the way... even though that sounds douchey. Any thoughts on this being a potential thing?

oh by the way she asked me what im taking next semester and we decided to take a class together again.


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  • She probably is just being friends with you and you’re misinterpreting her actions.


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