Girls, Girls actions are confusing me 🤔?

When I started college I like the look of this girl.. I decided to add her on Facebook before Introducing myself which she didn't accept. But when ever she saw me she would look sad so then she starts my classes on Mondays for biology she was shy up until I introduced myself to her and her class mates. she warned upto me a bit and started always looking at me a lot more. So I sat at her table and then she would always question everything I do , tease me and listen to everything I say. So then I joked around and asked for her number which she gave to me. And sent another joke text saying this hot girl (her name) gave me her number should I ask her out. She said she's in a relationship which she isint because I asked before asking her number 🤔. So I avoid her and noticed outside class in library her friend starts staring at me and she always smiling to herself. Then next in class she still teases me and if I purposely ignore ore her she calls me names to get my attention. So after class I didn't get a chance to say bye so o text her saying thank you for helping I'll see you after the holidays and now she ALWAYs smiling to herself and staring at her phone. And she always listening into my conversations , secretely laughing at me but pretending it's not me which is annoying and confusing. So I just gave up sitting with her or even looking at her but she still listens in , smiles to herself , and teases me and she waiting after class for me just to comment on me always talking to women? + this random guy in my class who she doesn't even like or speak to added her on Instagram and also her friend who always stares at me which she had no problem with but I followed her friend on Instagram and not her and she privatised her account , kept staring at me throughout class , and acting jelous and robbed my chair in canteen , teasing me all throughout lunch I only followed her friend I didn't follow her. any explanations is appreciated do she hate me or?🙂


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  • She sounds confused.


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