I m confuse to find out which girl like me or crush on me I didn't know how to flirt with her?


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  • Same here bhau mala pan nahi samjat.

    Dont take load , enjoy your life.

    Bhau, sadhya far changla watel pan even if you're successful in making a girlfriend what would you get out of it?


    You'll make a girlfriend and end up with a breakup
    Again a new girlfriend , again a new break-up.

    If parents got to know about it, a separate drama Would be created.

    My advice-

    Start talking to girls don't be shy.
    Make deep friendship with a* girl you like. Share everything with her. Almost every problem you have, everything.
    Now, if she makes a boyfriend , let her make. do not get into‚Äčvery the matter.

    boyfriend toh aate jaate rehte hain. Bhai saccha dost kabhi nahi chut ta

    What is the need to "tag a girl as your girlfriend?"

    If you both are close enough to share everything every sad and happy moments of your life, what is the need to attach a label to her as your gf?

    Bhau reservation wagyreh chalu ahe ka?

    Making girlfriend or boyfriend in our society is not beneficial and ultimately we are at loss

    Academic loss
    stress due to relationship
    Parents pressure.
    Peer pressure
    And friends pull your legs against the girl... And the same happens with the girl

    Tya preksha rahu de re baba!!

    Guys and girls keep on crushing

    I mean charges keep on colliding
    But this is not going to last forever!

    It's rare that a person made his/her first girlfriend / boyfriend and the first girlfriend lasted him for ever..(marriage)..

    Nope, rarely happens anywhere!!

    So, better not to try making a girlfriend and concentrate on our academic life


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  • That whole impressing thing isn't good at all. Just have a natural conversation, smalltalk and things. Try to make her laugh, but don't try it too hard. Be interested in what she says and ask questions based on this to show interest.

  • 1st) Rob a bank 2) buy expensive shit, women get soaked at the sight of money 3) grab any woman you want

  • What?


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