How should I approach things with him?

So my semester just finished and I’m back at home for the month. This guy that I used to work with seemed interested and even messaged me once I left for school saying we should hangout but whenever I came back to visit we were both too busy to hangout. Now that I’m back in town what should I do? I’m not sure if he still has feelings


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  • Engage in a conversation that is about him, so that he knows you are interested. If he acts strangely or turns down some of your messages, he's over you. If he continues the conversation and starts to make it about you, he's into you. Then you can ask if he would still want to hang out (don't use the word friends) and if he says yes, during that "hangout" ask if he still has feelings for you. If he gives off the vibes of a definite yes, then that is your answer. If he says something that gives off the "well, sort of" vibe, he would rather be friends. If he is still into you, try to plan something then and there for the future, either a date or a way to stay in contact

  • Why worry thing work out you waited this long if it ment to be it happen if not you know

  • Ask him and see. No harm in that.


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