How do I get my boyfriend more interested in pda?

When we are at my house, we will cuddle, hold hands, kiss, etc. But he isn't like that in school. We we hug everyday before we leave but that's it and I usually have to ask him if he wants a hug.


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  • Well my girlfriend just asked me about it, I said I'm just not super comfortable about it, and she just slowly picked things up, i went from never hugging her in public, to willingly kissing her in public


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  • Try to. make him oral in school

  • Translation

    ''I want to show off to complete strangers that I have a boyfriend, and I want him to touch me in front of people. How do I convince my boyfriend to give a damn about strangers that don't really give a damn about me?''

    • If you don't have anything helpful to say, don't say anything at all

    • And that's not why. I want him to be affectionate at school too because he isn't always able to come to my house.

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