Why was she staring at me? Will she come to me?

I'm in college. We've went out on a date before and have just kissed. Anyways she stood me up by not keeping our date plans when i arrived at her place and then lied to me. She apologized in real life and in text though and said she honestly fell asleep (she didn't). She then says "we're going to the bar across the street" I just tell her i'll see her around (when she apologized in person).

To get back at her, I hug one girl and i talk to another really hot girl. Later on that night she came up to me and apologized.

The next day i see her at my friend's apartment complex on campus. She stood at the window as and just stared at me the entire time as i walked in with him towards the inside of the building. I just took one quick look at her and kept walking. We go inside and no one says anything.

I'm not interested in dating her anymore, but i would be open to having something casual. I'm just not going to give her attention anymore.

Was my response to her a good one after she apologized and mentioned going to the other bar?

Do you think she'll show interest in me now?

Why do you think she was staring at me? For attention?


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  • I think it might have been random


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