Help I need advice?

Basically this guy was sending me hearts and it was nice but i knew it meant nothing and then it stoped but I started liking him before all of the hearts and stuff and im just tired of being alone with nobody to like me and I don't know what to do


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  • The way you write doesn't sound like someone over 18. Do you talk to him?

    • I am not over 18 correct my age messed up I sometimes do but im a shy person so its kinda hard so i try my best but now he has a girlfriend and i only think their dating bc she was their for him when something happened ik that sounds terrible but that happens all the time where i am

    • I was ultra shy growing up and still don't really know how to approach a woman. If someone is flirting with you, sending hearts and you are interested, flirt back. You have to respond somehow or they will think you aren't interested. At your age though, you'll have someone else interested before you know it so don't get too excited about it. Keep your head about you and just make sure you let him know you are interested. Nature will do the rest.

    • Thank you that helps

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