I have been chatting with this girl for almost a year?

Hey, so i have been chatting with this tinder match for close to 10 months, and couple months ago a postcard exchange started. I do really like talking to her, and I feel the same goes for her (quick, lengthy replies), it's just mind boggling how much our interests, opinions and tastes align.
But I feel like it's too late to ask her for a date. Even though I would say yes in a heartbeat in case she'd ask me out, I'm under the impression that we're friendzoned.
On multiple occasions I've brought "meeting", although in a subtle way in the conversation, often left without a reply
As a girl, what is your opinion about this?

Ps: we tease A LOT


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  • It's never too late to ask for a date, don't shoot down your chances. If she's attracted to you she'll be happy! You won't know until you try, but it sounds like she's interested if you tease and flirt etc.


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