Is it normal to obsess?

Is it normal I literally can't stop thinking about the guy I made out with 3 days ago?
Usually I am not the obsessive type, but I find myself drifting in my thoughts and closing my eyes and going back to our hot makeout session and it is driving me mad!
I would just like to kiss him again it is all I think about.
(Note here it is not the first time I kiss nor the first guy I kiss but this is the first time it is on my mind this much!)
Could this be because I felt some kind of crazy chemistry? Is it normal for this to happen?


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  • It sounds to me like there is definitely chemistry going on, call him. He's probably just nervous about calling you for fear of rejection.

    • Good advice.
      I just sent him a text (calling is awkward for me!)

      Thanks :)

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  • I've been obsessing over my ex

    • Ain't my ex
      But I feel you!

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