Whats in a Kiss?

So you go out on a date with someone new. You have dinner while enjoying good conversation and company. You really like this person. They make you laugh and smile. You do the same for them. At the end of the night you two finally kiss.

WTF!? Is it possible that someone can be so compatible but the fact that they can't kiss the way you like ruin's the entire thing?

I know how I kiss and I know how I like to be kissed. Some girls just aren't compatible with me when it comes to kissing! Does anyone else go through this?

Did you ever go on a perfect date just to have it ruined in the end by a kiss?

What's the worst kiss you ever had?

How do you like to be kissed?


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  • yeah a guy I really really liked and for once actually liked me back wasn't the kiss I imagined him to be! he wasn't bad but it wasnt enjoyable and kinda disappointing

    and you can't exactly convert him to kiss like me if its the 1st ,2nd or 3rd time you kiss so you have to kinda just go with it

    ive had guys who kiss exactly like me and well its been a lot more fun and enjoyable

    the worst kiss I ever had though was some guy who literally scrapped his teeth along mine how he managed to be able to do that ill never know but eeeeewh

  • Oh yes I definitely understand. It changes your perspective of them completely and that just sucks. However it's the quickest way to see if you have chemistry.

    and the worst kiss I ever had was this guy who literally went INSANE with his tongue! He didn't even kiss me! He just suffocated me by going crazy with tongue. Ugh it still gives me nightmares.


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