What should, I do if no girls around me are attracted to me?


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  • Stop looking for girls and start doing things on your own for you, they will come by themselves

    • I honestly am giving up for now, I can't find any girls around me irl that find me attractive or that even want to date me. I honestly think it is because, Im socially awkward and weird so it wouldn't be "cool" or socially acceptable for girls to date me. They would likely be made fun of or excluded from their cliques or groups of friends if they went out with me. I hate being a Nerd/Geek (loser) :(

    • Honey, excuse me, it looks like yoi are aiming for the girls that are not for you... they dont need to find you attractive BUT interesting and funny. If you date someone because they want to be seen as cool or socially acceptable around other people, do you really want to date someone like that? That doesn't likes you as you are? From here i can see that you're better than that.

      Those group and cliques shit, i dont get them, if she's happy with you, no one cares if you live on the streets, as long as she's happy, they should be happy for her, period.

      And dont hate being a nerd or geek, thats actually pretty cool and you have cool and interesting facts about EVERYTHING! Learning is sooo cool, you need someone who loves your facts

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