My guy friend called me weird. He was acting strange when he said it... So now... I want to know, what did he mean?

My friend was looking at me when he was walking towards me but then one of my other guy friends walked up to him so he was interrupted after he finished talking to him, he put his arms on my desk (straight out with his hands clasped together) and then looked at me in the eye and said, "You're weird." When he came toward my desk I was feeling a bit uncomfortable... He had a strange look in his eye when he said it... It made me blush a bit but I tried not to react... Then he just got up and went. I probably didn't explain too well if you have any question ask me.
Alright. It was bothering me... Thanks people!!!


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  • Your friend might just be kidding around and being random. Don't take it seriously in the slightest.


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