Why won't my sister leave her boyfriend?

He treats her so horribly and they break up all the time and she is always trying to win him over by buying him expensive gifts and paying for trips and weekends away. He has even told people they are broken up when they're not, as far as I know he has never cheated on her. But they are always arguing and she's always crying or upset about something. They're relationship is so toxic yet when any of her family or friends try to talk to her about it, she just gets angry at us.


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  • When someone is in an abusive or toxic relationship, it's hard to get them to see it because they think that it's worth enduring the toxic elements of the relationship for whatever good they see in it. What that good is varies from person to person. Maybe it's money, or the sex is good, or they have an emotional connection to the person that clouds their judgment, or something entirely different.

    • Yeah in my opinion I think she's attached to him because it's her first proper emotional and sexual relationship and I think she's not ready to give that up yet even tho the relationship itself is so toxic

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  • Make her watch investigations discovery people like her end up on there.


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  • There's a thing called Stockholm syndrome, basically in a hostage or kidnapping situation the hostage can develop feelings of sympathy or affection for the perpetrator. I've often thought a similar situation applies to relationships like this. Not sure how you could go about making her see how toxic the relationship is, sorry.

  • Because she loves him...
    You should have intervened much earlier...

  • Your sister must be desperate and ugly


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