Girls, What do you think of a guy who has never had sex at 26?

Do you think he’s a freak because honestly I have tried but at this point it dosent appear I’m good enough to get a girlfriend and have sex. I even lowered my expectations to the floor and still no results. Most of my coworkers laugh at me cause it’s pathetic
Thanks again


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  • It depends on the girl. While it is uncommon for people to stay virgins past your late teens, there's nothing wrong with it. If a girl thinks that you're a freak for not being like everyone else and doing what everyone else is doing, then she's not the one for you. You are special in your own way and you shouldn't have to apologize for who you are or your lack of experience. Someone someday will love you just the way you are, just get out there and have fun. Have a healthy set of expectations and don't put yourself down so much. There's someone out there for you mate, just be patient and enjoy life until then

    • Well I have dropped my expectations to almost nothing i guess now I’ll take any girl that comes along physical attraction dosent appear to work for me I can get a girl that way I guess the only way is to get a girl so I’m not lonely

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