Did I overreact?

Back in January my ex and I broke up but then started talking again in March. The reason for our breakup was because there was a girl I didn't trust him alone w yet they would always get high together when he was alone at his house. Well in March we decided to be friends and work towards our relationship bc we were still madly in love... or so I thought. In June he totally ghosted me for three days but the night before that started hs said he loved me and missed me. Day 4 was his graduation ceremony (he was a senior I was a sophomore) and we promised to take a picture a week prior. But he totally dodged me. I cried so much and decided my first ever highschool party was going to be that night. I knew he'd be there but what I didn't know was that he was going with said girl that I didn't trust, following her around, she had her arms around him when he was playing bp. Turns out a week later they were dating but a week after they were dating they broke up and he tried to come back to me saying it was a mistake and such. I was really depressed honestly. I told him it was hard to trust him but my mom thinks I'm making a mistake? There's a lot more in between stories message me if you want to hear them. what do you guys think? Did I overreact?


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  • you didn’t overreact. it sounds like he’s just playing with your feelings & taking advantage (saying he loves you then ghosting you, getting with another girl, etc.) he is most likely only using you, trust me i’ve been there.. i can’t make you change your mind but i’d strongly advise you to find someone who will treat you the way you should be. better to end things now than later where it’ll hurt even more.. good luck 🌸


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