Should I email her?

Hey guys! So I was going to finally going to talk to my crush today. It was actually the day of my final and I was planning to talk to her after it was over. But the sad thing was that she finished the final earlier than me and left before I could have done anything. At that point, I didn't want to leave class without finishing my exam. After finishing the exam and leaving class, I felt I blew the chance to talk to her all this quarter and was thinking that I had to move on. But something in my head was telling me I had to figure out a way to reach her. I remembered that we have an online discussion board for each class where you can communicate with your peers and saw that I can directly email her. Backstory, we spoke briefly a couple times exchanging notes throughout the quarter, but most of the talking was with our eyes. We exchanged glances multiple times and I had a feeling she was interested. My question is should I email her? The thing is I don't want to be creepy or anything like that. And if I do, what should I say? I feel like this is the only way to contact her. Unless I walk around school all week until I see her lol. On top of that, it's finals all week so everyone is stressing on them too. Please help me. Thanks in advance!


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