Does he like me? Or... not?

i met this guy off tinder lol, yes tinder. And we met up and had lunch and he paid for my food. He also held the door open for me and the people behind us. And we walked out and he did the same but it was windy out so he made sure it didn't hit me ( like omg that was cute lol) and he asked me out again so we have another date this weekend. And he always says " we should do this" and always asks how I'm doing and asks how my days going. He's a country guy and is really close to his family. Does he seem like he likes me? He also said he's looking for a solid serious relationship. And he also drove about 50 minutes to see me. I'm just so not used to being treated well, because I'm used to guys just leading me on and not pursuing me.


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  • Sounds like you found a guy with some manners and class. And yea doesn't sound like he doesn't like you. Make a move on him or something give him a kiss see what happens.

  • Yeah he must be looking for a companion like you, have a clear opinions from him for further proceedings


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