Should I say Hello to him HELP? AHHHHH?

I worked with this professor who is 7 years older than me in the same office. I was a grad assistant, when we were in the office, he would kick my chair into the desk as I was sitting in the chair in front of the other co-workers. One time on the bus to get my attention he touched my shoulder and sat behind me. I noticed he looked at me a lot in the office and I noticed at times he would ignore me. But don't hold me on the looking, I can't assume. I then took it upon myself to ask him out but I did it over the email and asked him to a museum. He had said to me, "Hi Mia, Thank you for inviting me and sorry for taking a bit to get back to you. I don’t think it’s a good idea to get together outside of work. My understanding is that because we are technically in an employer-employee power dynamic, our school frowns upon that kind of friendship. Thanks though for thinking of me, Hope you had a nice weekend, see you tomorrow." I stopped working for them 3 months ago, and I recently ran into him and my feelings returned. He sat across from me on the bus and I wasn't sure why. There were plenty of seats to choose from. I couldn't get myself to say anything to him I stayed on my phone the entire time. I am very confused, did he reject me because I asked him out when we were working together? Did he reject me because I asked out through the school email? Or did he reject me because he was not interested? His actions confuse me! PLEASE HELP! I am avoiding the same bus time he takes. Also, I took the bus again recently and he sat directly behind me for the second time I saw him. I am taking the bus tomorrow and I am nervous. HELP DOES HE LIKE ME WHAT


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  • Say Hi
    Im a man
    He likes you
    At least he like to be with you some times
    So if your okay with this guy
    Just go and say a big and friendly Hi
    I know how is he
    I was look like this guy ;)


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  • Hahah my girl say hi. He didn’t reject you he just didn’t want to jeopardize both of your careers. He’s sitting near you because he likes you and wants to be around you/as close to you as possible. I don't know but this man could legit a) walk to work b) take a different bus c) take a cab d) get a friend to drive him e) ride his bike etc etc you get the point.

    • Say hi and don’t be awkward about it. Like it’s fine and he probably likes how forward I are with him, it’s cute

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    • Well the thing is we are both awkward so when I would read him it was hard to and the dynamic sort of changed after I asked him out hahs because I was always quiet and I would say nothing lol

    • Is it possible he sits there because he likes that spot lol?

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