How do I reclaim my masculinity in the relationship?

I’ve been dating this girl for a month or two and she super sweet and I like her, but I’ve done something terribly wrong today and she was really pissed at me. She started calling me names and stuff, and I was just sitting there taking it in, thinking that I was standing my ground when I’m actually letting her rub in her bullshit. She later on said that she went out of line and that she was over-exaggerating, but she said that I should really learn how to put her in place.
I’ve never been around anyone who caries masculine entry around them, and I’ve never had anyone to look up to for that.
So I would appreciate it someone can give me some information about this topic.


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  • You should never "put her in her place" first of all. She would use that against you just like any other girl would, they use how you act against you and pretend to be the victim when it comes to fights/arguments. I've never heard of a girl asking a man to put her in place unless it was some kind of kink.


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