Girls, what is the best thing (non-sexual) your guy does for you?

I’m just curious about the types of romantic gestures that you love that are not sexual. Just things you consider sweet.


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  • Probably the way he puts his hand on my leg when we're in the care together or the way he pulls me into a cuddle when I get into bed.

    • Nice! Thanks for sharing.

  • Strokes my head at night when I struggle to sleep and stays awake till he knows I'm dead to the world before he sleeps himself. I feel bad when he does stay up but it sends me to sleep like a baby.

  • When he does little things for me. Throw away my empty coffee cup, when I tell him he doesn’t have too.
    Or when he hugs me unexpectedly when I feel sad or anxious.

    By the way this guy isn’t my boyfriend. He just does these things for me. 😊


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