Define talking? What does it mean? What does it also mean if you and a girl video chat at least three times a week?

Is she into me? We just met two weeks ago.
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  • No. She may not have a crush on you.
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  • She might like you.

    • How can I tell?,

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    • I am playing it safe.
      I’m the older person.
      I mean yeah I’m a virgin and etc.
      But, sixteen year old is different for me.
      I don’t know how I attracted her through online 😅

    • She tells me for a good week now that she likes me. I’m not saying it back because I need to know and understand her more

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  • Well.. you would never know until you ask her!!

    • She is sixteen and we live two hours away

    • When I was 16 , I was still gushing over the harry potter series. Keeping that aside, i still think you should ask her. That's the entire point of a conversation right?

    • I can’t say but yeah. We met online.

  • Talking is the communicating to someone by exchanging messages, thoughts, expressing how you feel. Its too early to say she is just into you.

    • Yeah. She tells me she really likes me

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    • Oh...

    • She must me into me😊

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