When Is the right age to settle down?

I know I'm only 18 I'm not going to settle down tomorrow but when should I start to find the right guy and settle down.

I'm also very scared to get married and have kids. I wouldn't want to get a divorce. But when you are married that person can not love you in a month you know. With kids I don't want to have any. It looks so painful and I rather adopt.


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  • You Will settle when you are ready and feel like it or when you find a person you really like even if you don't feel ready. Getting married is good, just make sure he is sincere and you are too. Having babies is painful but is more painful to have to raise children that aren't yours


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  • I'm already doing that but I didn't it's just that I've found a great guy I mean what was I suppose to do push him a way and finding a man like that for me is very hard. So when you find that special person.

    • I thought my last boyfriend was the one cause he was everything that I've ever wanted in a person and more but look where we are now. Single.

    • Well I don't know if I'm with the one but I know we are soulmates, you'll find someone but now you can have fun

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