If you found out your partner of 4 years was talking shit about you at work, would you?

I found out my boyfriend has been talking shit about me at work.
While i was at home greiving/suicidal/severely depressed (ok now).
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My sister's husband works with him. It's made her husband feel uncomfortable


Most Helpful Guy

  • I talk shit about my wife all the time at work good and bad, mostly bad haha. It's probably more of venting than anything. I honestly don't think it's that big a deal, especially if you have been depressed for a while. Probably took a toll on him. You should confront him about it and hear what he has to say before breaking up a marriage over hearsay.

    • It's not hearsay, we're not married. So you think it's ok for him to put me down at work to make himself look better?

    • Probably not the best thing but if my wife did that I honestly wouldn't give a damn because I don't give a fuck about her co-workers. I'm sure she has done that from time to time but oh well I don't know about it. Your boyfriend is an idiot for doing that knowing your sister husband works there too and it can get back to you. I don't think it's a break up type of deal, but that's just me. You do what you think is best for you.

    • I don't think putting your partner down at all is ok, there's a different between venting and putting someone down to boost your own ego

Most Helpful Girl

  • That's not on. What did he say and how did you find out? Is it possible that it was exaggerated?

    • It's written above

    • You need to challenge him then. Did he think that your sister's husband wouldn't say anything or was he hoping that he would? You must have questions about his behaviour as its clearly surprised you but he's well out of order saying bad things about you to anyone.

    • I think he thought he wouldn't say anything. he's done this in the past and just blatantly lies about it even if I'm right there when it happens. I only found out about this from my other sister. So the two of them (my real sister and half sister) were hiding it from me😡. I've only known my half sister and her husband for a couple of years, so know her better than him. Well now I feel like I can't trust any of them lol

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What Guys Said 3

  • What kind of shit talk? I complain about home at work just to get it off my chest. He may have been trying to vent where he thought it would be safe to vent and not have you even more upset/depressed by hearing it.

    • Putting me down to make himself look good. stupid stuff like Saying he's not allowed to bring stuff home from work (he gets free alcohol from work, but we don't drink). When he knows I don't actually care if he does. Housework etc. Bitching about me because I didn't do housework for a couple of days. When I could barely get out of bed. (Because I didn't do the dishes or clean up his mess)

    • That helped my vote. He's an ass.

  • What's your source?

    • Firstly this ^^^^

      Secondly, if you walked around with a cloud over you for a long time (i. e not getting over it) then you can't expect your partner to be thrilled to come home to that.

    • I've written it above

    • @Cosytoasty how has that got anything to do with the question... if you're in a long term relationship you should be supportive and there for your other half, not putting them down at work

  • Immediate Break up


What Girls Said 2

  • What did he say? I mean personally it's ok to rant to maybe a very close friend but I tend to keep my relationship stuff out of my mouth then it isn't in others I respect my partner and if anyone else spoke shit about him they'd have an issue with me so how could I possibly do it.. maybe you need to discuss this with him and let him know it's not ok.. hope your mental health is looking up I know how shitty it can be😶

  • I wouldn't do anything.


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