boyfriend tried to make friends with a girl on Instagram?

So, apparently he knows this girl from community college. However, when I’d ask him several times “oh how did you meet her in school?” He never really gave an answer. Then one day, he finally said “we met in the library and I️ told her my name and she must have remembered and looked me up on Facebook”. This just seems odd. But, anyways. I am currently an hour away from him as I️ transferred to a new College. I️ saw on instagram he was being friendly on her posts - and I️ found out he added her in snapchat too (I️ asked him if he did). He also added this girl’s best friend on Instagram too.

When i confronted him about all of this, he said to me “you aren’t going to be here all the time. I am just trying to make friends”.

He has then unadded the girl, but I️ still feel very insecure and awkward.


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  • Well you should feel that way cause where is the loyalty?


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