If a guy isn’t texting you every day like he used to after a first date, does it mean he was disappointed in your apperance?

I don’t edit my pictures or anything and I post pictures that reflect what I look like in real life. I went out on a date on Sunday and he called me the day of and texted a little bit later saying “I had a great time with you”. The date lasted 3 hours. He did tell me the day after that he was going to be super busy because of a project he’s working on and to always contact him if I ever need anything or want to talk. But, nobody is really that busy to not continue texting every day like they used to.

Should I wait on this guy or move on?


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  • Personally, I hate texting. I would do it at first with a girl, but obviously I hate it so would tire easily. Go the old fashioned route. Actual communication.

  • i think you should move on and get a right guy...

  • wait

    • Why do you think I should wait?

    • when he said, he is busy that means he is

      did u see him online, or do any stuff that shows he is not busy?

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